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About Me

As a mature recently widowed woman I am spreading my newfound wings, taking my faithful companion Max and boarding ‘Sadie’ our newly acquired Tiffin 25SW RV and hitting the road and sharing my thoughts and experiences in this personal blog.  In my many years, I have worked in sales, customer service, public relations, the arts and entertainment, public speaking, real estate, and the upper echelons of state government.


I kept my head down and moved forward and sideways but never backwards while raising my children. When karma stepped in and diverted plan A for my family it was a many years long struggle but each of us emerged a little scathed but otherwise where our souls’ journeys were meant to be. 

Pictures add the energy behind my words. Always leaving an infilled frame awaiting my next memory to protect.


My Mission

Undisciplined in most of the important ways of life I have become bored with the mundane and want to see the extraordinariness of others.  It’s the complexities of the simple things that fascinate me.  So in this last chapter of my life before flexibility of mind and body decline I want to know what makes other people tick. What better way than to actually meet a few and even though superficially … know them.

As I write of my journeys I will include how those along the way influence my path.  Many people never even ask themselves why they exist, I however have asked and answered that to my satisfaction and will now explore how our mere existence, of being, affects one another.  

In my life I’ve been loved, hated, abused, protected, rescued, loved, birthed the most fascinating two souls and buried many of my own soul’s teachers.  This little site will allow me a forum of sharing to the few people in my circle who matter.  If you have chosen to join my circle please know you are now one of us.  So your sharing notes will be loved and explored and shared as well.  

If anything negative comes to you by way of this site please contact me immediately!  It is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  My inner warrior will emerge and take action to protect you.

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